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What is the Mifegest kit, use, side effects, in English


What is the mifegest kit :- In today’s friends you will tell you about the Mifest Kits. How to use the mifest kit and what will be the dread of it

mefigest kit
mefigest kit

If you do not want to keep pregnancy and pregnancy, then you can use the mifest kit. Keep in mind that your pregnancy is less than one-and-a-half that is less than 52 days then you use it only. If your pregnancy is more than 52 days then consult a doctor. And abortion

Mifegest Kit use mode: –

There is 5 bullets inside the mifest kit. First of all, if you eat a big shot, by eating this pill, you will start bleeding within 48 hours. Eat some light food before eating the pill. Then you should take two small pillars and take it, your body will start to get rid of the scars and then again two small pills next day. Doing this will completely destroy your pregnancy.

Side Effects of Mifegest Kit: –

Eating Mifest Kits causes severe pain in your stomach. Which is unmanageable And you have bleeding for several days, which causes blood loss in the body. You may have a headache, it can vomit, and the most ego thing is sometimes that the pregnancy does not stop completely, because of which your building does not stop. In such a situation, you should go to the doctor as long as your absence does not happen, your bleeding will not stop. Which will make you start getting dizzy

Mifegest Kit online order: –

You can buy Mifest Kits online. You will get this medicine comfortably from Amazon, Flipkart, or any other pharmacy or medical store.

Mifegest Kit Price: –

You can get this price in different ways. By the way, you will get easily from 450 to 750 rupees in the market.

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