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  1. Haven Life
  2. MassMutual
  3. Banner Life
  4. Protective
  5. Prudential
  6. AIG
  7. Principal
  8. Northwestern Mutual
  9. MetLife
  10. Transamerica


haven-life-insurance-logoHands down, the best “new” life insurance agency on the market today is Haven Life.

How do you take an entire industry by storm? Only by creating the best product on the market, that’s how!

Haven Life offers an easy, online application which can be conveniently completed and submitted without any agent interaction. This is a huge step forward in convenience and efficiency, both for you and them.

It also helps they are backed by MassMutual (ranked 2nd on our list), who is just one of a few life insurance companies who currently hold some of the highest financial strength ratings, by all rating agencies, and over 165 years of history and experience doing business to back it up.


MASSMUTUAL logoAfter having been ranked 3rd on our list for two years consecutively, they’re pushing closer to the top!

For more than 160 years, MassMutual has been offering life insurance products which are competitive and diverse.

With the addition of backing Haven Life, and having a full suite of financial planning products, it’s no wonder they are leading the best of the marketplace.

You have the ability to, quite literally, get your entire financial portfolio in order, all under one roof. While this may not be necessary, it is possible. The financial strength of MassMutual is virtually unparalleled, so you can feel safe with your decision either way.


Banner-Life-InsuranceIf you simply want the best bang-for-your-buck in term life insurance, Banner Life is your company.

Where they lack in speed, when compared to some of the instant issue products on the market, they more than make up for customized, cheap term life insurance coverage. Some of the cheapest on the market!

Banner’s products also come with a great range of riders, convertibility options, and a second-to-none sub-standard underwriting style. If you are part of the 95% of the world who isn’t in perfect, Olympic athlete health, you probably won’t find a more affordable term policy than you will with Banner.



Making a big jump our list of best life insurance companies at number four is Protective, another company many haven’t heard of just yet. Despite this, they have a dominant foothold in more than one sector of the life insurance industry.

For more than a century now, Protective Life has lived up to its name in protecting households and businesses all across the United States. With more than 5 subsidiaries, an international presence, four separate “A” ratings, and a huge number of policyholders, Protective is getting noticed for the first time in a major way.

You will have your pick of term life insurance, universal, or variable universal, where Protective is extremely price-competitive. Especially with its universal products, Protective is one of the few companies who offer permanent insurance for all tiers of fully underwritten life insurance.

If you are considering permanent coverage, like for estate planning, Protective should be among your top considerations.



Prudential is a household name, and their industry dominance and niche underwriting have bumped them up even higher into our top 10 list this year.

Extremely successful in several smaller areas of life insurance, Prudential also has leveraged its brand to become a leader in the life insurance industry, as a whole.

This 140-year-old financial institution is a premiere insurer, with ratings of “A” or better from all of the rating agencies. In competition with MetLife for most life insurance sold, Prudential did take home the highest in net premiums, topping $13 billion.

Although there is no whole life availability, Pru does have term, universal and indexed universal to fill their portfolio of products. Non-life insurance options include accident, critical illness, disability, and more.



American General, who is also called AIG for short, is a highly reputable company, having “A” or better ratings across the board and a century-old name behind the rankings.

With a strong presence in the market, they have an exceptionally wide range of Universal and Indexed Universal products. While we love the variety, they can get a little complex for the average person, so we highly recommend working with a knowledgeable agent before buying.

Underwriting is very fair, though it may take a little time, and you can expect a very fair price from AIG. They’ve climbed into our top 10 this year because of product selection, financial strength, and prices which rival the elites.



Another rising company for life insurance is Principal, coming in at number seven on our list of top 10 life insurance carriers we reviewed.

Although it is more highly rated than some of our other companies on the list, including four ratings of “A” or better, Principal does not quite have the footprint yet of a best-in-class carrier.

One of the prime reasons Principal Life Group made our list was not only their host of term, universal and variable universal life products, but their no exam life insurance underwriting which allows consumers to purchase up to $1,000,000 in coverage, regardless of which type of insurance they choose.

This doubled the industry allowance on death benefit amounts at the time it came to market!

Principal has more than just life insurance among its offerings, including financial investments through subsidiaries.



Unquestionably, Northwestern Mutual is our top-rated life insurance carrier, as it was the previous two years.

But, it took a big drop in our total rankings this year due to lack of innovation and keeping up with market trends.

Northwestern has been around for over a century, providing some of the most competitive permanent life insurance products in the entire industry. Backed up by perfect ratings from all four major credit rating agencies, they’re one of just a handful of companies with a perfect Comdexscore.

While consumers see higher prices for term life and limited availability of product (sold exclusively through company agents only), these two downfalls are masked by an institution with $220 billionin assets, a long-standing history, a stout financial portfolio, and promising future.

You will have access to insurance products, like participating whole life insurance, to full-scale investments to suit every need in your household or business.



MetLife continues to be the largest provider of life insurance in the United States, but this was not enough to keep them in the top 5 for this year; simply being the largest life company is not enough.

The largest, most recognized name in life insurance, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company brand is the giant of the industry.

Since the civil war, MetLife has been offering life insurance to fit any budget, any business, or any need. Among these needs, other insurance products from dental to disability are available all under one roof.

Although it’s harder to get accepted with MetLife than many other companies, they offer a great lineup of products, including term, universal and whole. The ratings received by all four credit agencies are fantastic, and MetLife has secured “A” ratings across the board.

Metropolitan Life also has an affinity for working with those with specials needs, so consider this if it fits your criteria.



Falling down our list once again, Transamerica is a century old life insurer with a great group of product choices to meet any need.

Nearly famous for its prominence in the skyline of San Francisco alone, Bank of America’s purchase of Occidental and it’s re-branding to Transamerica has given the company new life since its inception more than 110 years ago.

Today, they host “A” ratings from all four rating agencies.

Transamerica Life offers an excellent variety of life insurance, including term, universal, whole and accident. Outside of their insurance arm, there are additional resources for investments, if you so choose, where Transamerica and their subsidiaries are competitive.

Transamerica is also an international company.


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